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我们的过程是建立在快速迭代的基础上的,它产生了具体的想法和可查看的有形原型, assessed, tested, and refined.

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Prototyping Examples

Prototyping during the product development process.


Types of prototypes we build during concept design include:

  • 3D CAD product concepts - high resolution renderings
  • 手绘草图和3D CAD几何图形的概念选项的强沟通
  • Low fidelity mock-up non-working prototype for user reaction evaluations
  • 比例模型模型模型:评估人机工程学,认知和外观模型的反应的用户
  • Experiential UI concept simulations, storyboarding, wireframes to assess ease of use (keys, displays, audio interfaces)
  • 就像现成的定制面包板电子元件一样,用来评估功能, establish specifications
  • 快速代码软件/固件的近货架组件演示功能, fine tune positive reactions to early stage prototypes
  • Finite Element Analysis (Thermal, Fluids, Stress, Audio…) to determine feasible structural and geometric configurations
  • 修改为测试特性和验证假设而定制的现成组件和库软件模块
  • Oz原型的交互式向导,使用现成的定制组件来评估产品的高价值属性


Types of prototypes built during this stage may include:

  • 台架模型面包板电子优化子系统产品特点、操作和规格
  • 类似于工作的功能原型,用于功能的机制建模,用于细化和性能评估
  • 快速切割内部加工零件和内部添加快速原型模型,以测试和完善设计

During the Pre-Production Prototyping stage, 我们的目标是创建一个高保真的生产意图原型来验证设计.


  • High fidelity production intent ‘alpha’ physical prototype (machined, molded, stamped, formed, SLA, SLS… additive process parts created)
  • 为调试确认和验证而创建的功能完备的附加“alpha”原型
  • 功能齐全的“alpha”原型-集成了电子硬件+软件功能和功能调试确认和验证
  • Low volume custom PCB's to assist in design verification process
  • 快速原型材料模具生产小批量难以原型的零件,如橡胶组件, fabrics, cabling, special materials
  • 对原型产品进行监管批准测试和性能测试是可能的
  • Prototype product is available for comment from users, buyers and for collateral such as product photography

During the Manufacturing support stage, 最终产品原型的建立,以验证设计转移到生产.

Types of production prototypes built by manufacturing partners may include:

  • 非刀具生产零件的测量,零件公差的批准和刀具的批准
  • 完整的产品装配,用于试运行产品的构建和所有产品规格的设计批准
  • 预发布产品可用于外部监管机构的测试提交和批准
  • Pre-release product and parts for materials testing and approval
  • Pre-release product is available for user, customer and market approval

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