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Our Resource center features helpful product design and development links, 提示, resource guides, along with 365游戏平台 client news.

Product 设计 Case Studies

Learn how we help clients overcome challenges and develop winning hardware products.

3D LiDar 矿业 Scanner

JWST NASA Telescope 电子产品 Challenges

Professional Sports Connected Scoreboard

Armstrong Pumps Product Family Redesign

World's 第一个 Virtual Voice-Activated Caregiver

Popular content 从 our blog

Explore our most popular blog content 从 over the past year.

Case Study: Toddler Monitor

Case Study: Pliant (now Sandisk)

Case Study: We-Vibe


365游戏平台 provides insights into various areas of product development through presentations, webinars and guest speaking.

Webinar: Medical Device Prototyping


EpTech Presentation: Why Integrating Manufacturing Early in 设计 过程 is Important

Product 设计 Tips

Successful product designs projects involve multiple displines spanning engineering design, electronics and manufacturing. Here are some helpful guides we use to make decisions.

工程师ing Guides

工程师ing guides provide technical support for a variety of product development decisions. Below are some of our favorities.

Newsletter Archives

Read our past newsletters to discover stories 从 clients across the world you have brought their hardware product ideas to life.

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  • Is this an existing product re-design or cost reduction?
  • Does the new product have wireless radio, connect to the internet? to smartphone? 其他?
  • Does product require more documentation for regulatory certifications, medical certifications?
  • Is your company new to hardgoods development?
  • Product challenges, risks, need for early research on difficult to figure out features?
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